Citroën DS Convertible

The future in the past…

The ultimate “à la Française” expression of automobile elegance, the Citroën DS Chapron Convertible is also a technological feat with its hydraulic suspensions and its semi-automatic gear box. Just as the Concorde or Vasarely, this car seduced 60’s France. De Gaulle, Bardot, Delon, Birkin and the “Route Nationale 7” all embraced it!!!

However, the DS isn’t just an “icon” or a “symbol”, it is also a unique driving experience. Floating on a hydraulic “cloud”, the driver of the DS is King of the Road, gliding effortlessly, his surprisingly efficient brakes shelter him from danger and with the slightest pressure on a fine lever he effortlessly changes gears without clutching, so to speak. This “Goddess” is truly divine!!!

In comparison, its beauty is almost inadvertent, this futuristic looking saloon car transformed into a “classic” convertible thanks to the genius of one man, coachbuilder Henri Chapron whose unique vision birthed the radical curves of the DS concealing an incredibly racy convertible. With its top down, the DS finds harmony between the Concorde and the Riva, between the TGV and an automobile “Gioconda”…

Practical Note: The Citroën DS was ahead of its time by 50 years allowing it to stay current to this day!!! Whether driving in the city, the country or even the motorway, this classic fares well in every setting and its braking and roadholding capabilities are particularly impressive and its petrol consumption very reasonable for a “classic”.

Very spacious, it will easily accommodate 4 or 5 adults even for long distances. The boot is very large, the ragtop well sealed and it is overall exceptionally comfortable… a true lounge on wheels!!!

Specifications : “Palladium” grey body, “Cartier” red interior, seats 5/6 (according to the vehicle registration papers!), 1170 kg., “21” 2100cc 4 cylinder engine, 105HP, 4 speed semi-automatic gear box, front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. Maximum speed: 165 km/h.

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